KIA Car Dealership

Completed: 2006
GFA: 2700 m2

The ground floor houses a showroom and an auto mechanics shop, the first floor is reserved for a showroom with an office area, and a parking lot for new cars is placed on the flat roof.
The first Owner’s request was for housing a maximum number of cars. As a result, the parking lot was designed on the flat roof.
The showroom can accommodate 150 cars and the surrounding land about 100 cars more.
The second request was for getting large promotional areas.
High walls were designed to hide the parking lot on the flat roof and, at the same time, provide a large promotional area of 624 m2 - (25 + 54 +25) x 6 m.
The third request was for large openings, which resulted in glass front of maximum floor-to-roof height. Approx. size is 260 m2 per level - (14 + 54 + 15) x 3.2 m.
The fourth request was for large spans. The load-bearing system was used with steel columns and multiple composite steel-concrete ceiling structure to get 18 m spans.
A 54 m x 10m space with no columns is provided along the glazed north side.