Green Tower


The tower is planned to be located near one of the busiest traffic nodes in the city, and an aim is to create a green oasis within grey urban jungle. The A CLASS smart offices with innovative energy saving systems (50 %), maximum use of natural light and view, integrated systems (HVAC, photovoltaic modules, solar panels, lifts, window shading, controlled access, fire alarms, burglary alarms and CCTV) which are low-noise (no noise emissions from ventilation and air conditioners ) "garden" offices built to suit the human needs. Today's rhythm of life asks for specially conceived urban public surfaces that create an atmosphere of small town squares built to human scale. A "green wall" is an attempt to create a small green oasis surrounded by noisy city roads.
Smart computer-controlled THYSSENKRUPP lifts enable about 50% faster arrival at the desired floor.
The SCHÜCO façade system, with ventilated double façade and window shades for insolation protection is integrated with ventilation ducts system in a double floor.
On the tower top, a large video wall (led diodes) is planned for promotional use and to display time, temperature and weather forecast (6-meter numbers visible from a distance of 4 km).
A top quality solution for heating and cooling is a core thermally activated by heat pumps with thermal probes placed in the ground, which enable annual savings of about 50% in heating and cooling costs.
A noise-free office without conventional air conditioning creates comfortable and healthy work atmosphere for the employees.