FMH – Foldable Mobile House

FMH - energy self-sufficient foldable house which does not require a planning permission or connections to the utilities.

ARHITEKTONSKI STUDIO G&B d.o.o. - architectural design – author and project developer
HF-PANELI d.o.o. - structural steel design – co-author and project developer.
DIGNITAS SUSTAVI d.o.o. - electronics and power engineering
STUDIO AQUA 2010 d.o.o. - water supply and sewerage
PERPETUO PROJEKT d.o.o. - mechanical installations
HIDROTOP d.o.o. - hydraulic design
Assistant Professor Ljubomir Majdandžić, PhD
- Croatian Solar Energy Society (HSUSE)
Professor Ljubomir Miščević,
PARTNERS (in alphabetical order)
BELINAMONT - awnings, blinds, tents
CPS GRIJANJE - heating, water and gas installations
ENERGOBEREN d.o.o. - photovoltaic systems
FUNDERMAX GmbH - interior boards and exterior panels
HORVATIĆ SOLARNI SISTEMI d.o.o. - solar panels
INKEA d.o.o. - furniture
NIROSTA d.o.o. - potable water treatment system
PPS GALEKOVIĆ - wood cladding, decking systems and parquet
ZUMTOBEL LICHT d.o.o. - lighting

A concept has been developed of energy self-sufficient, foldable, multipurpose mobile home of minimum dimensions intended for a family with two children. It is highly suitable for the second home, since the complete furniture is folded and stored in the house. The furniture can only be removed after the house has been unfolded.
We relied on the Croatian knowledge, work and material. The house production is planned to be organized in a manufacturing hall based on a standard blueprint and using natural materials. Cost-effective use of work and materials will result in a product competitive in the market.

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