Family house L

Design: 2010
Construction: 2011-2014
Building plot: 800 m2
GFA: 340 m2
Net floor area: 271 m2

The family house L is situated in the northern part of Zagreb, at the very border between the building and green zone, surrounded by orchards and vineyards on two sides.

The Terms of Reference requested that a concept be developed of a home for a young family planning to have three children.
The garage with storages and wine boutique in the basement, slightly sloping ground, the Owner's request that the main entrance be almost directly from the street on the southern side, all this demanded a construction of a long ramp along the northern side of the plot.

A backfill around the basement enabled direct exit from the living area on the ground floor to the surrounding grounds and a magnificent view of the city.
The parents’ bedroom with a closet and bathroom is situated on the first floor, same as three rooms for children with a large bathroom to be shared by them.

The house is a reinforced concrete structure, and outside walls are made of porotherm clay blocks.
The façade is made of combined travertine slabs on the south and west, demit façade system on north and east, and trespa façade panels.