Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO)

Award: 2nd place
Competition for HZZO building

The competition entry offered an office concept without columns and walls.

The load-bearing structure corresponds with the façade, and consists of inclined steel columns, horizontal steel beams and multiple composite ceiling structure.

The design proposed a block concept for the HZZO building and an optional building at the neighbouring plot.

The block is a common element in the downtown architecture. The plot usage is best, organization of parking on underground levels is better, and internal yard – square – atrium is created which is protected from the noise emitted by the railway on the southern side.

A 30 m wide and 8 m high opening is cut in the western façade, at the ground floor level, in order to visually connect the future city park and the atrium. The connection with the park makes alternating of “open” and “closed” space possible, and enables that HZZO clients receive good quality of services.