Commercial building G

Commercial building G
Completed: 2004
Investment: HRK 1,200,000
GFA: 328 m2
Construction cost: 3658 HRK/m2


The frame structure is made of reinforced concrete (column, beam, slab), with TRIMO panel cladding.
The selected type of glazing has dual function - as protection against excessive heating in summer (insolation) and as protection against view from THE outside.
During the day it prevents the space to be seen from the outside, and at night vice versa in order to achieve mutual non-hindrance of the commercial and residential buildings.
The material colour and structure are harmonized.
Micro-line structure is similar to Lexan structure which by its milk white colour makes an impression of less space being occupied.
The minimalist approach was the key factor for it created a low-key building with colour and shape harmonized with its surroundings.

GFA: 328m2
Net floor area: 277 m2
Structure: reinforced concrete skeleton system
Walls: TRIMO – FTVms 100 and “knauf” cladding with insulation
Exterior metalwork: aluminium sections
Flooring: ceramics in ground floor and sanitary rooms, laminate on the fist and second floors
Roofing: steel load-bearing structure, thermal insulation of 20 cm mineral wool
Cladding: TRIMO – TP 835 profiled metal sheet with natural ventilation
Design: 2003
Completed: 2004
Construction cost: HRK 1,200,000.00