City stadium competition

City stadium competition year: 2008
GFA: 490,000 m2

The competition entry is a stadium of new generation – MEGA SPORTS ARENA or sports multiplex (stadium + 11 sport halls).
A sports multiplex capacity is sufficient for organization of tournaments in almost all sports.
A large sports ground with artificial grass is simply covered with indoor sports flooring, which turns the ground into a main court for any indoors sport or athletic event.
Development of this project on a city-owned lot is a unique opportunity to meet the needs of the city: stadium - sports arena, congress centre, new fair area, and new large hotel.
Since the stadium enables concurrent use of a number of grounds, 11 halls (handball 6, tennis 8, basketball 10, badminton 10, futsal 16), sports events could be organized to be completed in a short period of time ( e.g. Friday, Saturday, Sunday), and a nearby hotel would provide accommodation for athletes. Similar success case, only on a smaller scale, is the Budapest Arena.
A top quality location for the stadium is a site by the Sava River dike. The stadium would be visible to people when crossing the bridges or walking along the dike.
A site provided for in the competition documentation actually hides the stadium from the public.