Castello Centre

Castello Centre
Design: 2003
Completed: 2004
GFA: 1339 m2

Conversion of a residential and commercial building into a commercial building in 21 Ilica St., Zagreb.
The building was built in 1929 and has the National Heritage Trust protection status.
A passage through the building leads to the houses in the back yard - one with dozen apartments, and several two-storey houses with business premises.
Complicated situation with property-rights, sensitive building project, limited access to the building, large investment and tight schedule created a stressful situation.
The building was fitted with completely new gas, electricity, water, sewage, heating and air conditioning installations.
The space organization was conceived so as to achieve maximum open space with minimum intervention on load-bearing structure. The most demanding activity was construction of the new staircase, since the old one was located centrally; it occupied half of the ground floor and was used by a company with business premises on the third floor.
The customers are directed using the “least resistance“ principle, i.e. the passage height and breadth determine direction of movement towards “corners” showing particular brand-names, such as NAF NAF, In Wear, Wack pot, SPORTMAX CODE, LACOSTE, Martinique, COTTONFIELD, CHEVIGNON, FRED PERRY.